Remote attendance at the 2021 NYU Tax Policy Colloquium

This coming fall, I will be doing the NYU Tax Policy Colloquium solo, and hence cutting it back from a 4-credit to a 2-credit course. This means that, rather than meeting twice each week – first with the students, and then in a public session with the author(s), I’ll meet with the students one week to discuss the upcoming paper, and then in public the next week. Hence, the public sessions will only be biweekly, or if you prefer fortnightly. However, since we’re having a 13-week semester, I’ve decided to have the extra session be a public one.

The public sessions will be hybrid, meaning that they are both live and on Zoom. I already knew that the authors can attend remotely via Zoom if they wish, although I am hoping to see them live. But now it’s been confirmed that, for the public sessions, I can offer remote Zoom attendance to any and all who are interested, apart from the enrolled students, who – like me – are required to be there in person. Hence, I am hoping that, without too much cannibalizing of our live audience, we will get remote attendees from different places, time zones, and indeed continents.

So mark your virtual calendar if you are potentially interested. The live sessions, all meeting from 2:15 to 4:15 pm EST, will feature the following speakers and their papers:

1) Tuesday, September 14 – Jake Brooks and David Gamage

2) Tuesday, September 28 – Daniel Hemel

3) Tuesday, October 12 – Jennifer Blouin

4) Tuesday, October 26 – Manoj Viswanathan

5) Tuesday, November 9 – Ruth Mason and Michael Knoll

6) Tuesday, November 23 – Mindy Herzfeld

7) Tuesday, November 30 – Alan Auerbach.

There might also be small group dinners after the sessions – only for live attendees! (although I suppose one could attend via Zoom and then join the live dinner). But obviously that depends on pandemic developments, including both NYU’s rules as they evolve or not over the course of  the year, and my own (along with potential attendees’) degrees of comfort with doing this by the fall. Also, I would think we won’t do a dinner in any week when the author is Zooming in.